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Did You Say Dogs?

You Don't Need Dogs!  We Use Them Vicariously

Pawsitively is built on respect and deep love for children and dogs. We think the two are a pretty powerful pair, especially when we can harness the love for canines and use it to teach SEL skills in a fun and easy way!

Lessons start with introducing an SEL skill through the lens of a dog.  This captures attention and engagement like nothing else can. As a lesson progresses, learning bridges to humans, and ultimately, to the students themselves. 

 Vicariously using dogs through videos, pictures, and stories, help to make learning fun for students.  It creates an environment where students are more engaged and feel a stronger sense of empathy.  This enables students to open their hearts and minds to learn and share sensitive issues in ways that they might not otherwise do, all while growing their social-emotional intelligence.

If you have a dog on campus, the Pawsitively SEL Curriculum is a perfect complement to the canine therapeutic component.

Rhonda, the founder of Pawsitively SEL, is a certified professional dog trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. She is the perfect person to help you incorporate your dog training with SEL!

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