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Our SEL curriculum is integrated with English Language Arts Standards, which makes it ideal to be taught during ELA time without adding any extra time to the school day. With a Teacher Guide that allows for differentiation, you can implement the Pawsitively SEL Curriculum with fidelity, confidence, and ease.

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We take a unique approach to learning. We utilize the extraordinary power of canines to explicitly teach social and emotional skills.

How Would You Feel?
Knowing that you were the reason why students in your class had higher self-esteem?
As an educator and administrative leader, you have the power to give your students a unique advantage in life.

With our Pawsitively Social Emotional Learning Curriculum teachers utilize explicit instruction to teach SEL skills. Students work individually and collaboratively to apply SEL skills to real world, age-appropriate scenarios while practicing Reading for Information, Writing and Speaking and Listening Standards.

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Learning Outcomes

01| Students will cultivate their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills.

02|Students will deepen their connection and commitment to school, friends, and family.

03|Students will strengthen their ability to empathize; increasing their capacity to collaborate with others, solve problems and be in touch with their own feelings.

04|Students will grow their emotional intelligence.

Curriculum: Tips & Advice
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