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4 Legged Social Emotional Learning

Years ago I had a non-profit that paired kids with dogs teaching social and emotional skills. It was a hard sell because very few schools allowed dogs on their campus. Fast forward to today..there are dogs everywhere! I'm so excited to see so many schools utilizing the power of the human-animal bond. The Pawsitively Social Emotional Learning Curriculum utilizes dogs vicariously, introducing SEL concepts through videos, pictures, and stories. What a perfect match for schools that have a dog on campus and want to capture the power of the canine while teaching SEL skills. You don't even have to have a dog on your campus to benefit from the SEL curriculum.

"The school data, such as attendance records and office referrals, also supports the integration of a therapy dog. A reduction in behavioral incidents and an increase in attendance rates have been noted on Winnie Wednesdays. Overall, therapy dogs support student and staff wellness, and they are a perfect example of integrated social and emotional learning."

No questions about it, our canine friends are POWERFUL!! Schools everywhere are utilizing the Pawsitively Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and the powerful human-canine bond to help kids be successful in school and in life. If you want to learn more about the Pawsitively SEL program just drop us a note and let us know if you want to sample some lessons from the curriculum - we would be happy to share. Don't forget to ask us about the Dog's Tale.

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