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Teacher SEL

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Adult SEL is an emerging field. While robust research confirms that educators could benefit from cultivating and practicing social and emotional skills, much is yet to be established about how to support this development strategically and systemically.

As the field continues to grow, we want to provide an easy and effective way to help schools and districts establish a community of educators who are engaged in

social and emotional learning. 














To promote students’ social and emotional competence, it’s important for schools to simultaneously foster a supportive staff environment that cultivates the social and emotional competence and capacity of the adults in the building.

Through the Collaborating Districts Initiative (CDI), CASEL has learned that schools are more effective at teaching and reinforcing SEL for students when they also cultivate SEL competencies in adults. Successful SEL implementation depends on how well staff works together to facilitate SEL instruction, foster a positive school community, and model social and emotional competence. This calls on schools to focus on adults’ professional growth as educators as well as their own social and emotional learning (Jones et al., 2018).

1. Building Professional Relationships

2. Empathy

3. Growth Mindset

4. Mindfulness

5. Self Concept

6. Stress Management

7. Teacher Communication Styles

8. Teacher Efficacy

9. Teacher Efficacy Goal Setting

9 Professional Development SEL Themes

Designed by teachers - for teachers, staff, and beyond.

Cultivate your entire district or school's adult social-emotional competence. 




Includes Facilitator Guide & PowerPoint

Happy Staff = Happy Students


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